September 11, 2019

Arcadia Earth: The Pop-Up Dedicated to Sustainability in NYC


arcadia earth new york  

 Around the world, there are major environmental issues that need to be addressed but it seems that in the fast-paced settings of major cities these issues are amplified.  For example, in New York alone, 23 billion plastic bags are used every year, thats 44,000 bags used every New York minute.  Experimental designer Valentino Vettori wanted to bring awareness to issues like these and more, so he created an elaborate experience called "Arcadia Earth" right in the heart of NYC. 

The pop-up museum, located at 718 Broadway, spans over 15,000 square feet and offers 15 interactive rooms. It is a beautiful and artistic journey through ecological issues such as climate change, pollution, and more.  One of the stand out rooms is a huge cave created from 44,000 plastic bags to represent how many are used every single minute. In addition, the museum will have augmented reality elements throughout.  Vettori's main objective with creating this pop up was to challenge traditional methods when it came to communicating issues of sustainability. So if you are in the NYC area and want to be learn more about ecological issues in a fun and exciting way make sure to get your tickets HERE. Oh yea.. for every ticket sold, Arcadia Earth will plant one tree and donate to their valued charity partner Oceanic Global.