April 24, 2017

Apple Plans to Use Only Recycled Materials in the Future



 Many companies are starting to take sustainable steps to ensure a better future for everyone.  Apple, for example, has been making the transition towards more eco-friendly production methods as they have been recycling old iphones and using the materials to make new ones.  Recently Apple just announced that in the future they plan to only use recycled materials for their products.  This is obviously a huge announcement for a company this big, but also a no-brainer.  If you think about how many apple devices are made each year, there is more than enough material out there to reuse.  Many people are unaware of the electronic waste problem; Apple isn't, and this announcement is a huge step to help tackle the issue.  Last month, Apple even released a video that showed Liam, a recycling robot, in action.  Check out the video below!


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