January 02, 2020

Amazon Opening a Homeless Shelter in its Headquarters

amazon shelter


 Amongst the sea of bad news that we are constantly flooded with on a daily basis, there is always some good.  This week's glimmer of hope comes from Amazon's continuous efforts to fight homelessness.  Back in 2018, Jeff Bezos pledged $2 billion to fight homelessness, and now Amazon will be opening a homeless shelter right inside their headquarters in Seattle.  What's even more shocking is that this will now be the biggest homeless shelter in the entire state of Washington.  The space will be able to accommodate 275 people each night and will have enough beds and blankets to house 400 families per year.  

The entire project is made possible with a partnership between Amazon and the non-profit, Mary's Place, which has been running a homeless shelter at a Travelodge hotel in Amazon’s campus for four years.  It is great to see such a huge company set an example of selflessness.  We hope other companies will follow suit and join in, in any way they can to help combat the homeless problem in America.