June 01, 2017

Adding Googly Eyes Makes a Rusty City Come to Life


 The best way to describe the city Sofia in Bulgaria is, well.... rusty.  Some may not be able to find the beauty behind the rustiness, but 

Photographer Vanyu Krastev has.  He has been "eyebombing" Sofia over the past 2 years.  The eyebombing brings a certain comedic life to the city; I mean let's be real, googly eyes are as childish as it gets.  The 42 year old photographer is using it as a sort of art-form and breathing life to spaces that may have been completely overlooked before. Krastev says that the best things to eyebomb are 

"broken, ruptured, punctured, tangled, crumbling, or twisted," Krastev says. "You are, in a way, humanizing them."  Check out some of his work below.

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