April 19, 2016

Ray Allen Opens First Organic Fast Food Restaurant in Miami


 Ray Allen has spent his career making big plays and big shots.  As a 2-time NBA champion he is also no stranger to winning; but now he is taking his winning mentality off the court.  He and his wife have decided to open up the first Organic Fast Food Restaurant in Miami.  The idea came from his wife, who saw the need for a fast food restaurant that fulfilled the dietary needs of the family. All of the food at their restaurant, which is called Grown, is organic and locally sourced.

 With the help of Todd Kiley, the executive Chef of Rainforest Cafe, they have developed a menu that is not only healthy and organic, but also delicious.  On top of that, the packaging that the food comes in can be planted and used as mulch. The price range of the dishes are reasonably priced between $4 and $18.  So, next time you are down in Miami, make sure to check out Grown!