April 09, 2016

Google Tilt Brush

 In recent ears, digital art has replaced the days where artist use the good ole' pen and paper. These inventions have influenced new ways of innovation and creativity through 3D-print and graphics. Google has recently released a new program called 'Tilt Brush' that allows the user to create their own virtual reality. With this app, you can paint in three-dimensional space using colors and brushes still. Your room begins as a blank slate and allows you to step around, in, and through your drawings as you move along. And since it is in virtual reality, you also have the options of using fire, stars, or snowflakes.
 This is an amazing invention and shows you the art of the future. Very innovative and I cannot wait to see what people will begin to do with it. Check out the video below to see people using the Tilt Brush.