March 16, 2016

10 Songs by Chance the Rapper You Need to Listen To


 Chance the Rapper is one of those artists you may not love at first listen.  He has a very unorthodox flow and a strange voice at times.  It may catch you off guard at first, but after a while you discover the diamond that is Chance.  His music invokes a lot of emotion; it's happy, sad, funny, confusing and host of other emotions.  One thing for sure is that his catalogue of music continues to grow and he's not letting up.  Take a listen to 10 Songs by Chance that you need to listen to!


1. Hey Ma- This heartfelt song is one you definitely should listen to. Chance loves his momma!


2. Brain Cells- This song really shows off Chance's lyrical ability, his unorthodox flows on this one are unmatched.


3. Family Matters- This Kanye-esque song gives a heartfelt vibe and even uses a Kanye sample. 



4. Juice- One of Chance's most interesting songs. The video, although simple, is pretty dope too.



5. Sunday Candy- Chance also loves his grandmother.  In this song he reminisces about sunday candy she used to give him. 



6. Cocoa Butter Kisses- A very relatable song that deals with getting older and not being as close with family. 



7. Heaven Only Knows- This very gospel sounding song is an amazing array of sounds.  Although it's not Chance's song, he killed his feature.



8. Ultra Light Beam- Another feature from Chance where he pretty much dominated the song.  His verse is A1 on this one.


9. Pusha Man/Paranoia- Pusha Man is one of those vibe out songs, and Paranoia is as well.  This 2 song combo is a one two knockout.


10. Acid Rain- One of the most insightful and though-provoking songs from Chance; definitely a classic.