March 19, 2016

'Christianity and Cannabis'



 "Christianity and Cannabis" might sound like the title of an outrageous 15-page research paper, but I promise it will not be.  I'll try to keep this article very brief.  Cannabis and the United States of America have had a very troubled relationship to say the least.  America has deemed cannabis an illegal plant, but is now starting to slowly legalize it.  Seeing that Christianity is so rooted in American history, the outlook on the plant from a religious standpoint has been that much harsher. 

 Christianity is a religion that has many denominations, speculations, and interpretations (not even trying to rhyme).  One thing that is common amongst the religion however is that the abuse of drugs is not considered right.  Although most humans can agree with this, the lines get blurred when talking about the Cannabis plant.  Cannabis, as a plant, has two major properties; healing properties and (for lack of a better term) "high" properties.  Most people use cannabis to get high recreationally, but there are others who use it medicinally; in fact there are CBD oils that can heal without any THC present.

So the question remains.... can a Christian indulge in Cannabis?  Well, I can't answer Yes or No to that question;  What I can say is that I know many Christians that abuse prescription pills or over the counter medication, which are usually made in a lab.  Ultimately our battle as humans shouldn't be against pills, cannabis, or alcohol; our battle should be against addiction. Addiction is a personality trait and it has a bigger role than the actual substance.  It's addiction that is the gateway to destruction not cannabis or any other drug.  So the real answer is that no one truly knows what is wrong or right, its up to you to have faith that what you're doing is right. Am I saying go out and buy an ounce now and get Pluto high? No. But I am saying that old traditionalists should consider cannabis and other natural remedies over traditional medicine that has been fed to us.  The bottom line is you should never judge the next person without doing research first.  Knowledge is the key to life. Stay Sustained. 

This article was written by Matt Narkaus