March 10, 2016


 Every once in a while, we see history repeats itself. But you have to pay very close attention in order to see it. That's where these two emcees come into the picture. In 1992, the hip-hop community was introduced to an Atlanta duo by the name of Outkast. Now in 2016, we have a modern day version of the duo in EARTHGANG.
 Just like Outkast, these two emcees are natives to Atlanta, Georgia. However, they don't make the ordinary "trap" music that most ATL rappers are using nowadays. According to one member of EARTHGANG, Johnny Venus, the name EARTHGANG "represents what we're made of and why we do what we do. It's for the people by the people. Our music is influenced by the conscious and subconscious, and we create it to influence the like." They've been around the game since 2011, but are catching an extreme buzz after touring with Mac Miller on his 'GO:OD AM' tour.
 Check them out below and be on the look out for them, they are definitely CFADC.