November 06, 2017

9 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Bed Sheets and Bedding Brands


The following article is Written by Myraine Carluen-Policarpio from

 What better gift you can give to your skin than having luxurious bed sheets and bedding to snuggle into? Even better when those sheets are made fairly, are organic and non-toxic, you can sleep comfortably knowing no harm was caused.

So here are the sustainable bedding brands that offer comfy, soft, and silky smooth bed sheets and bedding to help you get plenty of zzzz’s and help you start your day right.

1. Ettitude

This Melbourne-based bedding brand offers bedding and sheets made from organic bamboo lyocell, a sustainable fabric that requires less than one tenth of the water needed to grow conventional cotton. While there are mixed reactions from the sustainability community about bamboo fabric (it’s not as eco-friendly as you think, this article will provide more info) ettitude’s fabric is superior, using an innovative closed-loop system that recycles and reuses water to minimise waste and solvents used are non-toxic. Couple that with the fact that bamboo fabrics require minimal effort and water to grow and ettitude is on eco-fire!

If you’re after luxurious bamboo bed sheets, bedding set, pillow cases, sleepwear and even bamboo baby wear, you’ll find it at ettitude.

Pssst! The brand also offers free shipping across Australia. 

Ettitude bamboo lyocell sustainable bedding australia

Eco-friendly Bamboo Lyocell ettitude bedsheets

Credit: ettitude

ettitude bamboo bed sheets australia bedding

2. SOL Organics

‘SOL’ stands for Sustained Organic Living because this American company truly believes in helping customers sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle. They do this by offering eco-luxe certified organic bedsheets that are fair-trade and non-GMO… and affordable! Since the bedding industry is exposed to many challenges and risks — from poor working conditions, unfair wages to harsh chemicals, SOL Organics wants to change this offering ways to make your sleep sustainable whilst ensuring workers are paid fairly and the planet isn’t being exploited.

The brand offers bedsheets and sheet sets in a range of classic colours: white, ivory, dove grey, blue, sand and steel grey.

If you want to support a mindful business that offers affordable luxury Fair-Trade Certified and 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton bedding, consider SOL Organics.

Pssst! SOL donates $7.50 to one of four charities you nominate with every bedsheet you purchase. These charities are: Children’s Defense Fund, Hope For Justice, Water4 and The Fund for Animals. Browse their website here.

SOL Organics sustainable bedsheets certified organic

SOL Organics sheet set

SOL Organics Sustainable duvet cover

SOL Organics Duvet Cover

3. Bhumi

Australian lifestyle brand Bhumi offers ethically-made, sustainable, toxin-free organic cotton bedding that’s soft and luxurious. In addition to its signature sheets, the business also offers eco-friendly bath essentials, yogawear and activewear, children’s wear and clothing basics such as tops, bottoms and underwear for both men and women.

Need new bedding sheets or just after some ethical gift ideas for your loved ones? Check out Bhumi’s website and you might just find what you’re looking for.

Pssst! Bhumi also offers Afterpay so you can “have now, pay later” and make payments in bit-size affordable chunks.

Get A Sustainable Night's Sleep With These 9 Eco-Friendly and Ethical Bed Sheets and Bedding Brands

Bhumi sustainable bedding organic cotton australian bed sheets

4. EcoLinen

“EcoLinen is proud to be the first bed linen company in Australia to be certified organic by Control Union formerly known as SKAL International which means you are guaranteed that this product is 100% organic cotton.” – EcoLinen website

EcoLinen is serious about doing good bed linen business. From building relationships with organic cotton growers, offering fair wages, using non-GMO cotton and ensuring use of GOTS-certified organic cotton, this Australian sustainable bedding company aims to give you a restful night’s sleep whilst positively carrying out a business mission of positively – not negatively – impacting farmers, workers and the planet.

The company takes health seriously, offering bedsheets that neither adds to risk of allergic reactions, skin issues or disrupts hormones.

It should be noted that to a lesser degree, the company offers bamboo viscose bedding but as mentioned earlier, there are pros and cons to bamboo fabrics so best to keep this in mind when purchasing ‘eco’ bed linen.

EcoLinen products range from blankets, quilts, pillowcases, mattresses, bathrobes, and a lot more. Discover more of life’s sleep luxuries on their websiteEcoLinen Organic Cotton sheet sets sustainable bedding australia

5. Mandala Dream Co.

Letting your body breathe naturally is what it’s all about for Mandala Dream Co. This Australian business takes your health and well-being seriously, and only offers chemical-free, natural fibre hemp bed linen sheets that promotes a healthy, comfortable and peaceful rest. Hemp as we know is a sustainable wonder crop and we love that Mandala is helping hemp fabric to get the attention it deserves.

Mandala Dream Co.’s strict environmental and ethical standards give you peace of mind. You can enjoy high performing hemp bed sheets that are fair-trade, cruelty-free and built for durability, without sacrificing your health or that of the planet’s.

The Co. is you, the company we keep…our clients who we wish to heal body, mind and spirit with eco bed linens… made by hand with love and devotion to enhance your health, wellbeing, sleep and beauty. When you purchase from Mandala Dream Co you facilitate organic and positive change for this earth, environment and it’s people.”  – Mandala Dream Co. website.

Wondering why the eco community is getting high on hemp? Check out their website and see for yourself.

Pssst! Founder Julie Grant hand infuses all hemp sheets herself using organic Neem leaves at her home in Queensland. Neem has medicinal, anti-parasitic and antiseptic properties that can help with eczema, psoriasis and other skin afflictions. And from the sourcing of the hemp fabric to the time you unbox the bed sheets, Julie has poured love into every part of the process. This is truly an eco-conscious business that appreciates the art of slow.

Mandala Dream Co organic hemp bed sheets australia

6. ecodownunder

Founded in 1997, ecodownunder sprouted with a vision of creating something that would provide better eco-options for every family and every home. A true pioneer in the eco-friendly bed linen space, this brand has been helping to provide better alternatives for almost 20 years! And we are thankful for its contribution to sustainable business. As more and more people are becoming aware of their environmental footprint, this bedding manufacturer continues to commit to sustainable excellence, offering ranges that include the use of organic cotton, no toxic dyes or formaldehyde, zero synthetic fabrics and packaging that is fully biodegradable. The business also believes in giving back, donating some funds to the Sea Shepherd ocean conservation organisation.

Eco no longer means a compromise on quality, value or design.” – ecodownunder website

Check out their extensive range of eco bed sheets here.

Pssst! This brand offers two different bed linen ranges: ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘Organic Cotton’. Eco-friendly isn’t necessarily organic. Confused? Yes we understand. Before you buy, make sure you read this page as it will give you an idea of what the differences are. We recommend the ‘organic cotton’ range of course!

ecodownunder eco-friendly and organic cotton bedding australia

7. Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding has everything you need to make your bedroom a comfortable, restful space. Its natural and organic sheet sets are made from eco-friendly, quality materials like bamboo, Tencel, and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Their mattresses provide the perfect level of support and are handmade in the USA.

This family-own business launched in 2011 and has showrooms in major cities including New York City, Palo Alto, Chicago and San Francisco. The company is trail-blazing and has already been featured in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Refinery29 and Apartment Therapy.

Nest Bedding’s tagline is: “Your dream begins here.” So if you live in the United States, what are you waiting for? Visit their website today!

Pssst! The company also offers easy payment plans such as Affirm so you can pay in instalments or access. It also offers 100% money back guarantee and free shipping within the USA on many items.

Nest Bedding Organic Cotton Luxury Sheet Sets Sustainable Bedding

Nest Bedding tencel sheet sets ecofriendly bedding

8. Bambeco

With its genuine passion to serve the planet and its people, Bambeco lives up to its three major missions: forest preservation and restoration, clean water and conservation, as well as fair wages and safe workplaces. In other words, it exhibits unwavering commitment to become the “stewards of the earth” to ensure its preservation for future generations.

Launched on Earth Day in 2009, Bambeco’s mission is to inspire sustainable living around the world. Their product line includes bedding collections made from linen and organic cotton, duvets and blankets, throws and all other bedding basics, as well as an extensive range of homewares and lifestyle products.

If you purchase from Bambeco, you can rest assured that you’re giving your hard earned dollars to a company that is truly committed to being the change.

Pssst! Before checking out their website we recommend making yourself a cuppa. Its so extensive, you’re going to need more than a couple of minutes!

Bambeco pure linen bedsheets made in an eco-friendly factory

Bambeco pure linen bedsheets made in an eco-friendly factory in Portugal.

Bambeco GOTS certified organic cotton sustainable bedding

Bambeco GOTS-certified organic cotton sheets

9. Texaura

Derived from two words: ‘Tex’ from Textiles and ‘Aura’, Texaura is a new kid on the block offering handcrafted luxurious organic bed linen. They offer some exclusive design collections, inspired by Indian culture and history. With its tagline “comfort comes naturally,” all its products are block printed and made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

“It is not a brand alone but a cause which works towards empowering the farmers, protecting the environment and setting out a sustainable organic way of living.” – Manuj Terapanthi, founder of Texaura

Texaura sustainable certified organic bed sheets

Texaura handblocked handmade 100% certified organic cotton sustianable sheets

The Verdict

On average, we spend a third of our lives in bed. Choosing all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free sheets is one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make and particularly as we live in such fast modern times, a restful night’s sleep in sustainable sheets ensures health and well-being too. So kick those synthetic fabrics and linens to the curb and say hello to sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical bed essentials.

Have we missed a brand that should really be on the list? Feel free to share your fave eco-brands that cradle you to sleep and we hope you have a good – and sustainable – night’s sleep.

Title image courtesy of Bhumi.