February 17, 2016

The Life of Pablo: Alternate Covers


 There has been an extreme amount of hype, talk, and rumors surrounding the "release" of Kanye West's The Life of Pablo.  For one, Kanye has delayed putting a downloadable version out, instead urging fans to download Tidal and stream it.  Secondly, Martin Shkreli has made a hefty $15 Million offer to exclusively purchase the album.  Let's also not mention the numerous title changes and multiple twitter beefs that Kanye has gotten into.

Putting all that aside, this post addresses the cover. The album art is weirdly artistic, including a simplistic repeating helvetica type font, an orange background, and a randomly (or maybe not so randomly) placed photo on the cover.


 The cover is kind of underwhelming, but then again who knows what is going on it Kanye's head. Well, we took the liberty of creating some alternate covers for the fun of it. Check them out below.

 How about a singular title, with a classic painting from Pablo Picasso himself.

Or lets keep the repeating text and add Kanye's Face (which has never appeared on one of his album covers). 

or Maybe an emotional pic of Pablo Picasso that Kanye might relate to?

or how about Kanye on stage in all his glory

should we do...

Ok, We'll leave you with one more, which pictures a few of our team members dabbing in our signature Hemp Statement Tee.


Make your own "The Life of Pablo" cover HERE