February 09, 2016

Battle of The Dreads: Khalifa vs I'm Up vs EVOL


 This past weekend, we saw the release of 3 big albums in the hip-hop genre; the release of Wiz Khalifa, Young Thug, and Future's new albums. The irony that they all have dreads makes this an even better debate. In addition, all of them have been pretty fond of singing/rapping in auto-tune (though Thugger and Future are more in love with it). Although each artist put out their last projects within the last 3 months, their new projects have been highly anticipated amongst hip-hop fans as well as their individual fanbases.

Here at Superego we're looking forward to listening to all 3 and seeing which dreadhead comes out on top. What will you be listening to, Khalifa, I'm Up, or EVOL? Let us know how you feel about them!

Young Thug- I'm Up


Wiz Khalifa- Khalifa



Future- EVOL

Written by: Sean Crawford II