January 27, 2016

Will Kanye's Next Album Be A Classic?



 If you have been following Kanye on social media, you may have noticed that he has been tweeting out a lot of info regarding his upcoming album Waves (formally known as Swish).  Kanye has been making some bold claims surrounding the release of his album, like this one below.



 He also has tweeted the tracklist, an updated tracklist, and has shouted out a few relevant hip-hop idols.  A few young artists such as Wiz Khalifa aren't too fond of the new album name, as they feel Kanye is not paying homage to the originator of all "waves", Max B.  Check out this disapproving tweet from Wiz.



 Despite all the controvoursy and the tweets, the question remains, Will Kanye's new album be a classic?  His last project Yeezus, was more on the experimental side; and though it sold pretty well it got a lot of mixed reviews.  He has released a few songs in the past month which have also gotten mixed reviews. Facts seems to be one that many Kanye fans are disapproving of.  Real Friends, although a nice song, does not have "classic" written on it.  And lastly, No More Parties in LA ft. Kendrick Lamar, was a bit underwhelming.

Don't count Kanye out completely though; the album is still in the works and Yeezy has been known to make drastic changes and decisions.  For now all we can do is wait and hope than Mr. West drops a classic Hip-hop album for all of us to enjoy.  In the meantime, check out his recent releases below.