January 22, 2016

Rockie Fresh - The Night I Went To... [Mixtape]


 Rockie Fresh is one of the most slept on rappers, not only on MMG but in the whole rap game.  The singles and mixtapes he drops are always on point, but rarely get talked about.  On "The Night I Went To...", Rockie again doesn't disappoint.  The project is a great mixtape to vibe out to; the mixture of electro, soul, and spacey sounds works well for Rockie.  He stays true to his sound and character on this one and you can tell.  

Rockie Fresh isn't a super lyrical rapper, but he has an amazing ear for music and has meaningful lyrics.  Half the battle for a rapper is being able to choose good production, and he has that down pack.  Stream the project below, there are definitely some gems on this one.

If I never dropped out of school prolly would've never found music.  Teacher told me "thats a dumb move" and I see why cuz these racks stupid   -Rockie Fresh