December 21, 2015

Action Bronson's Truffle-Filled Day

 The elegant and monumental lyricist, Action Bronson, has reunited with an old high school friend (who happens to be a truffle dealer) in his latest episode of F*ck That's Delicious.  The series documents Action Bronson, who is usually on the road, trying out different foods around the world.  This episode has him traveling to different restaurants with his truffle dealer friend, learning many details about truffles and, of course, eating truffle covered dishes.

I must admit, I have never tried truffle on any dish before, but this episode definitely makes me want to try it.  It seems kind of weird to eat a fungus that is found at the root of trees, but apparently they are a huge delicacy and are highly prized.  Watch below as Action Bronson indulges in truffle consumption and is treated to dishes that I'm sure would leave the average pocket hurting.