November 17, 2015

Justin Beiber- Purpose [Full Album Review]



  Justin Bieber's highly anticipated album is finally here with much buzz and excitement surrounding it.  Read the full album review below, but first, read this disclaimer.  I have never fully listened to a Justin Bieber album in the past, so I have nothing to compare it to (that could be a good or bad thing).  Regardless, I gave it a chance and gave my honest opinion, enjoy!


1. Mark My Words:  Justin begins with a heart-felt ballad serenading a perceived lover. Well, actually Justin Beiber admitted that the song is about Selena Gomez.  You can tell she meant a lot to him, as he is singing from his very soul. The repeating background vocals compliment the main vocals perfectly and are very emotional (almost sounds like he's on the verge of crying).  All in all its a great intro and a great song. 9/10

2. I'll Show You: Track 2 is also a very emotional song, this time Justin addresses the media, his haters, fans, and everyone, as he expresses the pressure he feels.  This is a very honest and open song "This life's not easy I'm not made out of steel, don't forget that I'm human don't forget that I'm real" After Justin expresses his everyday struggles and pressure, he switches it up on the hook as he sings "I'll Show You".  I really like this song, it gave me a new perspective on Justin Bieber, one that isn't portrayed in the media.  10/10 


3. What Do You Mean: Do I really have to elaborate why this song is so amazing?  This is one of Justin Bieber's singles off of the album and the sounds on this track are audio crack; from the piano, to the flutes, to the synths, to the clock-like sound in the background.  All of these sounds come together to make an amazing audio experience.  Justin also really shows his maturity and growth as an artist on this song as well.  10/10 


 4. Sorry: This song almost has an Island/Caribbean vibe. Justin goes from begging a girl to stop being so indecisive, to a song where he is apologizing and saying he will take all the blame.  JB is really showing his versatility in songwriting and musical styles, and he's doing it fluidly at this point in the album.  Cool song.  8/10

5. Love Yourself:  Here we have a song where Justin Bieber is addressing a seemingly failed relationship.  The tone in Justin Bieber's voice is similar to the first 4 songs.  Regardless of the great songwriting on this song, Justin Bieber's genuine tone sells this song.  The horn break that comes up in the song is also pleasant surprise. Props to Benny Blanco on the production, very simplistic but creates an awesome space for the great melody. 9/10

6. Company: Justin kind of changes the pace of the album and forgets about love for a moment to ask for some simple company.  The Just Hold On We're Going Home paced song fits well on the album; but musically doesn't have some of the amazing moments that occurred on the first 5 songs.  Smooth song though.   7/10

7. No Pressure (ft. Big Sean): Not really a fan of this song.  Halfway through the song I got kind of annoyed of the melody and hook.  The Big Sean verse could've been stronger as well.  I will commend Justin Bieber on his vocal ability on this one though as he casually goes into falsetto as if it's second nature.   6/10

8. No Sense (ft. Travis Scott): Man, I love everything about this song.  The production, lyrics, tempo, and melody are perfect.  Justin Bieber again goes into falsetto and comes back to singing/rapping flawlessly.  The trap drums/hi-hats actually work well for this song, even with lovey dovey lyrics like "All of the angels must be lonely now, without you". Bieber put a verse on Travis' album Rodeo, so Travis Scott returns the favor on this one and doesn't disappoint.  10/10

9. The Feeling (ft. Halsey): The Feeling is not one of my favorites off the album but its a cool song.  It just seems like a very generic song amongst all the unique sounds that are on Purpose.  There are no standout parts musically. The hook is very relatable though; I can see this being a favorite for some people. 8/10

10. Life is Worth Living: Very Inspirational and it was nice to hear a song like this from JB.  As I said before, Justin is exploring his maturity in this album with some really classic themes.  I can see this being a classic song for him when people look back years from now on his career.  The message alone allows that.  9/10


11. Where are U Now:  Here it is, the song that we've heard countless times on the radio; the song that has over 200 million plays on youtube.  If we are all being truly honest, this song is awesome; and that's part of the reason it has spread so much.  When I first heard this song and heard it was Justin Bieber, I was shocked and very intrigued to hear more music from him.  Now we have a full album from him and this song is still as dope as it was the first time I heard it. Not to mention the production is done by Skrillex, and he nails it.  Check out a throwback clip of JB performing a song with the same title below; an early version possibly? 10/10



12. Children:  Bieber comes back with another positively focused song.  This one is following in the footsteps of Where Are U Now, down to the same song structure.  It's also produced by Skrillex and it has some awesome sounds in it.  "Who's got the heart, who's heart is the biggest?? Justin cries out on this upbeat track.     7/10

13. Purpose:  Like Life is Worth Living, this song has a classic vibe.  This one almost has a gospel/uplifting message to it; I wouldn't even be surprised if I heard some choir renditions of it in the future.  Very graceful song and a great way to end the album.  9/10


If you told me a few years ago I would be raving about a Justin Bieber album I would've said you're a liar, but here I am.  The album was very enjoyable to listen to, and I hope JB keeps it up! This one is definitely worth an iTunes purchase.   TOTAL: 8.6/10