November 14, 2015

Ty Dolla $ign- Free TC [Full Album Review]


 After many singles, shows, videos, and mixtapes, Ty Dolla $ign finally drops his debut album entitled Free TC. The Los Angeles singer/rapper/songwriter has been putting in the groundwork for years and this album is the culmination of his hard work.  Check out the full album review below!

1. LA (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Brandy, James Fauntleroy) - Staying true to his poetic intro style, Ty Dolla Sign employs Nate Howard on the beginning of the song to spit some gems. "Momma I made it, I killed this freestyle before they killed me, they saw Rodney you saw a King"  The simple hook pays homage to Los Angeles, and it also works well on this song accompanied by strings, piano, and some classic drums; a Kendrick verse doesn't hurt either.  Beautiful song.  9/10

2. Saved (ft E-40) - Dolla $ign quickly changes the pace on his album with this upbeat banger.  The DJ Mustard beat has a Chris Brown Loyal vibe but with a Ty Dolla twist.  The E-40 verse almost ruins the song, with lines like "Haters throw shade like a sun visor" *straight face*.  Either way the overall vibe of the song is dope and it bumps in the whip or a nice system.  8/10

3. Straight Up (ft. Jagged Edge) - I'm kind of indifferent about this song.  I love the fact that he brought Jagged Edge back on this one, but I had higher expectations for it.  The melody is kind of mediocre (something that is usually Ty Dolla $ign's forte).  I won't go as far to say that this song is trash or skippable, but I'm sure it won't be getting a lot of play.  6/10

4. Solid (ft. Babyface) - By this point in the album, I'm starting to wonder why does Ty Dolla have so. many. features.  This one in particular is funny because Babyface doesn't even sing on it.  But enough about the negative on this song, this song is actually solid (no pun intended).  The melody and hook is catchy, nice vibe on this one as well. Check the video for it below. At the end of this song, TC, Ty Dolla's locked up homie, appears via phone convo.   8/10


5. Horses in The Stable - This is one of the only songs with no feature on it, and I love it.  Ty Dolla stays true to his sound and it works.  Females won't be loving it, as he sings about how many horses in the stable he has to ride.  Musically the song is amazing, Ty Dolla's voice cuts through the smooth beat and it's very soulful, almost gospelish.   10/10

6. Know Ya (ft. Trey Songz) - It makes sense that this song follows Horses in The Stable, as Ty Dolla and Trey Songz talk about their playeristic ways.  I'm a fan of this song because of its storytelling, it almost reminds me of Paranoid (the song that basically put him on).  With Metroboomin on production you can't lose, and he delivers.  It doesn't sound like the typical Metroboomin beat however, the instrumentation is more sentimental, for lack of a better term. Dope song. 9/10

7. Credit (ft. Sevyn Streeter) - After two songs of infidelity, playerism, and upset women, Ty Dolla $ign asks for a little credit from his girl.  He knows he doesn't do right all the time but c'mon give him some credit when credit is due.  Sonically this song is amazing and has almost the same vibe as Horses in The Stable.  10/10

8. Miracle/Wherever (ft. TC and D-Loc) - Another crack song! TC makes an appearance through a recording that seemingly was done from prison.  It was interesting to hear this jail verse, especially since its an album and not a mixtape.  It brought me back to the days when Shyne was recording remix verses from prison.  Max B we need more verses from you too!  I digress; this song is fire all around.   10/10

9. Guard Down (ft. Kanye & Diddy) - Kanye, Ty Dolla $ign, and Diddy on one song ? Yes it happened.  First of all, it sounds like Kanye wrote this entire song.  Either way this is a nice light-hearted and uplifting song. Doesn't really live up to the hype of the names on it, but its cool.  Would've loved to hear more Kanye on this, but you know Kanye.  Also the Diddy rant wasn't really needed but to each his own.  7/10

10. Sitting Pretty (ft Wiz Khalifa) - This is a cool joint; definitely has an almost party banger vibe.  I'd say its a fitting pre-game song.  Also this is one of those songs that make you wonder, is Ty Dolla $ign a singer or a rapper; he mostly serenades but dabbles in the rap lane.  Either way, it works.  8/10

11. When I See Ya (ft. Fetty Wap) - At this moment in time in the rap game you can't go wrong with Fetty Wap.  He is riding a wave that is like none other, but surprisingly this song stays true to Ty Dolla's sound.  This is a really nice song musically, and Ty Dolla is in his nasty/dirty bag as usual.  The production by Cardo and John Juliano is on point, the Fetty verse is smooth too. 8/10

12. Blase (ft. Future & Rae Sremmurd) - I hate this song, but I understand why it had to be on the album.  The label probably told him "You NEED Future and Rae Sremmurd on a single"; can't say I would've said no either.  Apparently this song goes hard in the club though, congrats Ty Dolla. 5/10

13. Only Right (ft. YG, Joe Moses, TEECEE4800) - Ty Dolla $ign brings some Cali vibes onto to the album with this song.  He also puts all his homies on this song, because well, its only right.  To give you some background Ty Dolla was on YG's first big single Toot it and Boot it, Joe Moses was on the original version of Paranoid, and TEECEE4800, I don't know who he is but I'm sure he has some relevance in Ty Dolla $ign's personal life. Check out the throwback YG and Ty Dolla below. 8/10


14. Bring it Out of Me - This is an EDM club banger from Ty Dolla; not my cup of tea but I'm not mad at this one.  I appreciate him being honest "I'm just a freak and I can't help it" as if we couldn't tell from the first 13 songs.  In all seriousness though, I can see this one growing on me. 8/10

15. Actress (ft. R. Kelly) - R. Kelly is probably the most comparable artist to Ty Dolla $ign in terms of style and appeal, so it was only right that this song happened.  This is classic baby making music right here.  It has the perfect tempo for you to impregnate that special someone. 8/10

16. Finale (ft. SA-RA & PJ)- Finale is spacey, airy, and enchanting, all of the things that make for a good outro.  This song dismisses the listener from the album in the most graceful form; it does everything but tuck you in and fluff your pillow. Seriously though, this is probably a perfect song to go to sleep to.  I don't know who the featured artists are, but they did their thing.  Great vibes on this one 9/10

Overall this was a very solid album; some great sounds and vibes on this one.  What I'm most happy about is that Ty Dolla $ign stayed true to himself and his sound; its what we love most about his music.  Very solid debut album; it will definitely be in my iTunes rotation!    8.2/10