September 23, 2015

Wild Mantle: Sustainable, Hooded Scarves



 Nothing beats the comfort of a scarf on a cold day; the warmth and protection is unmatched.  Sike! Wild Mantle's hooded scarves are taking that warmth and security that a scarf brings to the next level.  Avi, the founder of Wild Mantle, explains that a Mantle is not only a term for a 'loose fitting hood or cloak' but the term also represents your role or responsibility to the world.  

The Alpaca Wild Mantle is made from 100% superfine alpaca yarn that was spun by Peru's sustainable alpaca network. It is also lined with sustainable fur (41% hemp, 32% organic cotton, 25% PET). Here at Superego, we are hemp lovers and lovers of sustainability; so the Wild Mantle gets two thumbs up from us.  Head on over to their site to check out their different styles and get one for yourself.  "Try it on, it feels like a hug"