September 04, 2015

Hemp Fibers: No Competition

 So, we've already Reversed the Stigma of hemp and explained why hemp is a more sustainable crop than water, but why are we so passionate about the hemp fabric as opposed to other fabrics.  Well, hemp fibers have some very unique properties that are not exemplified by other fibers.   
 Hemp fibers are extremely durable and strong, they can be up to 10 times stronger than the fibers of cotton.  In addition, hemp is a great insulator.  Have you ever wore a shirt and got real sweaty? Most shirts will leave you feeling damp and clammy, not hemp; hemp will keep you cool and dry.  Hemp is also fire resistant, UV resistant, AND is anti-bacterial (so no mold!)  By now, you can see why there is truly no competition with hemp fibers.
 In addition to all the scientific properties of hemp, new technologies have allowed factories to make many blends of hemp and viscose hemp.  This allows for very soft and comfortable blends.  When thinking of hemp, many people might think it is a very course material, but you'd be surprised how soft the hemp material can be.
Hemp is the future, for many reasons.  Superego is bringing comfortable, soft, and affordable shirts to the U.S. in order to spread this awareness and raise demand for hemp.  Support our mission by sharing this post!