September 03, 2015

HiFadility - The Queens EP (Full Album Review)

  HiFadility's highly anticipated The Queens EP has been out for a few weeks and we now have a full album review for you guys.  Check the EP and review out below.


1. Lauryn Hill - On Unconditional Love  The first song on the album sets the tone for the entire project.  Soft piano keys are played accompanied by a washed out Lauryn Hill vocal sample.  The track begs you to replay it, as you search through the soul-touching keys to discover the gems that Lauryn Hill is giving us.  9/10

2. Aaliyah - Rock The Boat [HiFadility Edit]   Simply dope. Aaliyah's classic song gets the HiFadility treatment.  It's interesting to see how well Aaliyah's vocals from 2001 blend so well with the new age production that HiFadility is offering.  This is vibe music right here, something I can play in the car, at a party, or just chilling at home.  10/10

3. HiFadility - Say Love   If there's any track that reflects the #FutureSoul hashtag, its this one.  Distorted samples and spacey instruments make this sound very futuristic but soulful at the same time.  8.5/10

4. 702 - Steelo [HiFadility Edit]  Soulful and trippy. The experimentation with the vocals is simply amazing. Personally, I liked the parts without the hi-hats best; nonetheless this is a solid song.  Reminds me of a hot packed basement party with black lights everywhere.  8/10

5. SWV - Weak [HiFadility Edit] Another classic song gets the HiFadility treatment.  I am big fan of this one, and the beat switch halfway through the song is pure gold. I love the progression that the sample takes from full sample to chopped up, it's almost like two songs in one. This is one of my favorites on the album.  10/10

6. Alice Walker - On Being With Her HiFadility continues the theme of the intro, this time with Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple.  This is a nice break in the album.  8/10

7. Janet Jackson - Any Time, Any Place [HiFadility Edit]  HiFadility samples the classic Janet Jackson song that was also sampled on the song Poetic Justice by Kendrick and Drake.  This rendition is way more upbeat and hype.  It's ashame that I can't review this album in a crowd of thousands of people getting live; thats the vibe of this album and specifically this song.  If theres one song on this album that I would love to see visuals for it would be this one.  Simply awesome.   10/10

8. Lauryn Hill - Ready or Not [HiFadility Iso] HiFadility revisits the queen Lauryn Hill again for track number 8.  This might be my least favorite track on the album but it is still very solid.  The original "Ready or Not" is so classic and powerful that it makes this version a little hard to digest.  Nonetheless it's still a cool track, my favorite part is the second half of the song.       7.5/10

9. Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y. [HiFadility Edit]  Love this track, samples another classic Queen.  The transition of drums from upbeat to a slow trappish feel is musical magic.  The choice of accompanying instruments is on point as well. Very cool vibe on this one, definitely going to have it in rotation in the whip. Pass that AUX chord!  10/10

10.  Tania x HiFadility - The Queens  This is the title song of the album so I had high expectations for it,  and sure enough it met my expectations. "Wear your crowns with pride. We are all Queens inside" Empowering and beautiful lyrics.  Tania's voice cuts through the track and hits straight to the soul. Soft strings and 808's may not seem like a good match, but on this track it works perfectly.  10/10

11. HiFadility - Love To The World   Makes for a great outro.  HiFadility makes the song cry on this one.  The production is amazing.  Sit back close your eyes and zone out to the beautiful instrumentation.     9/10

Across the board, this project is incredible.  The Queens EP is a beautiful balance of modern instrumentation and classic vocal samples.  With voices of Janet, Lauryn, Ms. Latifah and more, HiFadility constructs a great body of work for all to enjoy.     9.1/10