August 17, 2015

Gregory Stutzer - Premonitions EP [Album Review]

Just last month, Producer, Songwriter and Visionary -- Gregory Stutzer of 'The Wav' gave us a glimpse of hip-hop's future with the release of his Premonitions EP. With production help from Lindstrom and ABJO, the project was most groundbreaking. Check out the official Superego Album Review below: 
  1. "Premonition 528.90A" - Very entertaining introduction skit -- “Kids get your vocoder!” It's like a commercial advertisement that captures the essence of music today in relation to the whole auto tune wave. Throughout the project, G Stutz however, thoroughly demonstrates that vocal processing is simply a compliment to his lyrical talent. - (10/10)
  2. "Experiment B (NightRider)" - The instrumental piece at the beginning of this song is a taste of nostalgia, sort of brining you back to the Sega Genesis era. This track reflects some of the adversities that Gregory was faced up against coming up as a music artist. - (8/10)
  3. "Rap Ballad A (AutoPilot)" - Short track, but packed with compelling lyrical content. The beat drop in tandem with his flow transition is phenomenal! The "Autopilot" concept is most creative as it ironically represents the lack of creativity of some industry artists when it comes to putting together a song. - (10/10)
  4. "Rap Ballad B (Height)" - This composition has many components, but its greatest attribute is the sweet sounding sample. It gives it that replay value. (10/10) 
  5. "Afro - Pop A (the Perfect Human Being)" - This is one for ladies -- "Shorty said she down for whatever." Great track for cruising. - (7/10)
  6. "Improv A (Lonely Robot)" - Least favorite but still very entertaining. One can't help but give it the head bop. - (6/10)

Overall, Premonitions earns a #CFADC rating of (8.5/10). Gregory Stutzer and The Wav team are on the rise, so be on the look out for more in the works. But before we meet the Oracles...: