June 28, 2015

SWV - Weak [HiFadility Edit]

A complete re-imagining of an R&B classic, the latest release from HiFadility's "The Queens" concept project is an example of the evolution of sound.  
Using SWV's powerful vocals, the producer designs a dream pop track with a hip hop foundation, commemorating the tradition of powerful female voices in music. Tune in below: 

"SWV's classic single WEAK was begging to be remade. The message of: Love being a force that sometimes knocks us out...not because of spite or anger, but sometimes because of the overwhelming sensation of a bond. I've been feeling like that lately. Super emotional about the world and all the things happening...this was my way of saying sorry for the griminess and yet thank you so much for accepting my growth and development. To Peace. To Love. To Prosperity for All."

- HiFadility