June 26, 2015

Meet P. Diddy's Ghostwriter



Bad Boy artist, King Los, just made a trip to the infamous Breakfast Club to have a sit down with Charlamagne Da God and Angela Yee.  There was a lot of talk concerning spirituality, his album, and most interestingly, his relationship with P. Diddy.  What's even more interesting is that he revealed that he writes verses for Diddy (specifically his Same Damn Time Remix verse)!  There are few times when an artist openly admits this; I wonder how Diddy is going to feel about this. 



  Either way, King Los is on the come up now, with his new album God, Money, War, and a host of content and freestyles that are out on the internet.  His long and steady grind is starting to pay off and people are recognizing his talent.  King Los is the underdog in the game, but has extreme lyrical ability (which makes sense why Diddy would choose him as a ghostwriter).  Check out the interview below which he reveals the information in.