June 25, 2015

Everything Ezzy

Check out Cleveland's young rising hip-hop music artist, Ezzy, as he delivers a phenomenal freestyle on Sways Universe a.k.a. Sway in the Morning. The magnitude of passion along with the quality lyricism is outstanding, leaving music artist & reality TV star, Heather B., on the verge of shedding tears. Ezzy's latest sophomore project titled, Everything Ezzy, echoes an audio diary written and recorded by a young teenager growing up in an environment overwhelmed with racism, classism and materialism. The album expresses his struggle against the desire to do what’s wrong and his knowledge of the importance of doing what’s right. Ezzy shows his versatility as an artist throughout this project by mastering flow transition over various kinds of beats and melodies. His performance in the video below epitomizes youth as being rich with talent just waiting to be showcased. Ezzy is Cut From A Different Cloth! Are You? #CFADC