June 20, 2015

The Art of Modern Day Sampling

The foundation of Hip-hop was built on samples, whether it was drum, vocal, or harmonic samples.  As time has gone on and the sound of rap music has changed, one thing that hasn't changed is the art of sampling.  More interesting is how some samples (and modern day songs) are so versatile that they get reused multiple times.  Others are so unique that they are instantly recognizable.

It's interesting how many samples are taken from artists who are still relevant. Some are classic hip-hop/R&B songs with more modern drum patterns. Here are some of the best examples of Modern Day Sampling in Hip-hop gone well.

Meek Mill- Heaven or Hell            SAMPLE: 5 on it- Luniz


Tory Lanez- Ride             SAMPLE: Pony- Genuwine

Drake - Legend          SAMPLE: So Anxious- Genuwine

Bas- Lit                    SAMPLE: Do You - Miguel

Partynextdoor- Break From Toronto   SAMPLE: Girl With the Tattoo Enter.Lewd - Miguel

Amire Obe - Drugs and Camron   SAMPLE: Killa Cam- Cam'ron

F*ck What Happens Tonight- French Montana     SAMPLE: I Really Mean it - Dipset

Logic ft. Big Krit- Top Ten           SAMPLE: Adam Feeney & Chester Stone - Vibes (also sampled by Drake 0-100)