June 10, 2015

Wall-to-Wall Wednesday: The Trap God Exhibit

 Cam Kirk presents: The Trap God Exhibit. If you are foreign to the word trap (you shouldn't be), and if you are unaware of who the Trap God is (you shouldn't be); let me educate you.  The trap is a house where drugs are manufactured and sold.  In the trap, money comes in and money goes out. In the trap, the wrist is being flicked constantly.  In the trap, the Trap God is being played and is the soundtrack to all of the drug plays.  
 Oh, you still don't know who the Trap God is? Gucci Man La Flare. The man with an ice cream cone tatted on his face holds the trap title.  Many Atlanta hip-hop artists pay homage to Gucci on mixtapes, singles, and through their lifestyle.  Cam Kirk literally created a Trap House in the heart of Atlanta for the world to see, feel, and experience.  In 2015, you don't need to be a drug dealer to experience the trap; LRG, 20 Grand, and Cam Kirk will bring it to you. Check out footage from the Trap Sanctuary above, with inside looks of never before seen photos of Gucci Mane and of Young Thug crossing his legs like a female.