May 19, 2015

Tech Tuesday: The World's Cheapest Computer

This week's Tech Tuesday presents C.H.I.P., the world's first $9 computer that's as tiny as a credit card. C.H.I.P. has it all: built-in wifi, bluetooth, applications, etc. So with C.H.I.P., you can do it all: play music, games, surf the web and even learn some basic coding. You can use C.H.I.P. with LibreOffice to edit spreadsheets, create word documents, or craft presentations. This mini-computer is powerful, containing 1GHz processing data, 512MB ram data and 4GB storage data. It can connect with any screen or you can make it portable with the PocketC.H.I.P (see image below). 
C.H.I.P.'s Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded at nearly 1.5 million dollars, well exceeding its goal of 50K, with about 28,000 backers and still 17 days left to go. Check out their campaign video below: