May 15, 2015

Fantasy Friday: Retchy P ft. Asap Rocky - Mob Life

Retch's name has been getting a lot of buzz lately with all the shows he's been doing as well as all the dope music he's been dropping.  Retch is a New York rapper who posts wrecklessly on instagram and stays highed up.  He also is a huge fan of Polo, Jordans, and of course Rap Music.  He is closely affiliated with ASAP Mob, so it seems only right that him and the fore runner of ASAP collab.  This would be a dope collab for two reasons. First, both artists have a raw and unique flow that can't be duplicated.  Secondly, they are both NY to the core.  So let's make it happen!  Below check out a song with Retchy P and ASAP Mob member ASAP Ant.