May 08, 2015

Fantasy Friday: The Road 2 Riches Tour 2015

Take a moment and contribute to the dreamers on this Fantasy Friday. YRS Jerzy, Chox-Mak, and Quill: "The Voice of The People" hit the road on a 13 date tour to give other up and coming artist an opportunity to make their voice heard. "The Road 2 Riches Tour" is a multi-genre tour showcasing the best talent each respective market has to offer. Artist will have the opportunity to get paid for their crowd draw as well as share the bill with national recording artist.
Supporters of this campaign will be helping to give a platform for the otherwise voiceless. By helping these artists hit their $10,000 goal, you help to ensure that they achieve optimal brand saturation, that all of their promotional efforts are quantified, that the experience is well documented, and that they are safe and stable on the road should anything unexpected arise.