April 13, 2015

J. Cole's Call for Action


Rolling high off the critically acclaim album "Forest Hill Drive", J.Cole continues to raise the bar for artistic excellence with new visuals, G.O.M.D. Playing the starring of a House Slave, Cole sheds light on the deep rooted issues of racism in America with this video. The North Carolina Native assures audience that the video is a call for unity, not a revolution

First, let’s quickly redefine what it means to be a Revolutionary in the ever-changing digital age. A Revolutionary is Human who engages in a movement with the intent of educating and strategizing a new wave of social justice for the underrepresented masses.

Moreover, when we think of revolution, we often envision violence, excessive force and blood shed. Historically, revolutions have worked for us, but I believe we’re more sophisticated than violence.

The Internet has changed the game, giving ordinary people a voice to influence change, which is why I believe this forcible model is no longer in service to humanity.

With the release of “G.O.M.D.” visuals, J.Cole has successfully ushered in a new wave of a humanistic revolution using music and visuals to ignite a discussion about Black Rights, Human Rights, Poor Folks Rights and all Rights.

“G.O.M.D.” is a powerful period piece, situated in Louisiana on a slave plantation. Cole stars as a House Slave who struggles between his alliance with fellow slaves and obedience to his Slave Owner.

Ultimately, Cole’s character leads a slave rebellion, an act that made me want to pick my afro, drape myself in all black and join the Panther Party. However, my initial reaction isn’t quite what Cole was aiming to achieve with the new visuals.

Cole shares that the purpose of the video is “really more of a commentary on the need for unity and togetherness more so than it is a comment on racism”.

Where there is tragedy there is unity, but in the absence of tragedy, we go back to our regularly scheduled lives, merely existing until the next tragic event slaps us in the face. This passiveness is detrimental to human beings.

The World needs more people who live passionately. G.O.M.D is a call for action. A message to the masses, that forces us to relive the dark history of slavery, while acknowledging the dysfunction that lies within the black community.

In order for actual change to occur, we must unite from a place of passion and a genuine care for progression, not “Oh no, Cops have murdered another unarmed black person, let’s march and get this photo op”.

Let us not forget, we define the revolution, we are the Revolutionaries. Our generation can take an active role in continuing to create art that allows us to foster a more profound existence.

- Nicole Soul