April 04, 2015

Superego Saturday: Badí - Acceptance


Badí (pronounced bah-dee) is a NYC-based hip hop artist whose lyricism and vocal ability provides fans with a rare offering of substance they struggle to find in today’s uniform industry. Having rocked over 100 shows in his career, Badí’s music is authentic and thought-provoking while it consistently keeps the crowds moving and heads nodding.

Following his critically acclaimed album, The Departure, the self proclaimed "Working Class King" has refined his purpose and honed his craft. With the recent release of the 'Acceptance' EP Badí and his music collective The.Wav have moved to Los Angeles to further their mission to redefine dope and make a positive impact on the world of music.

Acceptance has caught the attention of media outlets including Stuff Fly People LikeFirst Klass Breakfast, and Maria Myraine who note Badí’s “dynamic flow and delivery” and his ability to tackle production styles from Drake to Dilla. Badí recognizes the raw power of Hip-Hop to convey struggle and growth. In his mission to uplift and elevate the collective consciousness, Badí is set to make his mark on the world.