March 22, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 5

I know what your thinking, "What does The Walking Dead have to do with sustainability?". Well, if your a fan of the show and have been watching recently, then you have seen how things have began to come together for the main characters.  They were brought into a post-apocalyptic community called "Alexandria", complete with running water amongst other amenities that the characters have been lacking in their zombie infested world.  The people of Alexandria accept all of the characters in, stressing the fact that they are trying to maintain a sustainable lifestyle in their community.  

Time will tell if this self-contained community will be truly safe enough to prevent zombie attacks and outside human attacks, but it's looking like the characters don't have much of a choice.  Either way this new found sustainable community hints at a bigger social issue and question we should ask; If the world as we know it was destroyed, would we be able to pick up and start again from nothing?

Stay tuned into The Walking Dead on Sundays 9pm Eastern, and watch past episodes here.