February 24, 2015

Tech Tuesday: The Smart Wallet

"Jacket...check! Keys...check! Walllet...hmmm...okay so I came in last night, took my pants off here, and..." -- Sound familiar to anyone? Forgetting or losing a wallet and all its contents can be a big inconvenience for anyone, but it happens to the best of us. That's why Dutch-based design house MIJLO has created a line of well designed smart-wallets, with tiny built-in sensors that allow their owners to track their wallet using a free accompanying app. 
The Where’s Wallet line includes three designs: the Clutch, Bi-Fold, and Slip (see image below, in order of appearance). MIJLO is currently raising funds for the collection on Kickstarter. Backers can order the Slip for $49, the Bi-Fold for $69, and the Clutch for $99, and expect delivery in August.