February 10, 2015

Tech Tuesday: The Mighty Morphing 3D Printed Helment

Check out Synapse, the 3D printed helmet that morphs into different shapes in response to its wearer's brain waves. Created by Designer, Architect and USC Annenberg Fellow -- Behnaz Farahi (see below), the wearable piece was produced using Autodesk Object Connex500 multi-material 3D printing technology.
With this project, Farahi aims to explore the possibilities of multi-material 3D printing in order to produce a shape-changing structure around the body, as a type of second skin. The motion of the helmet is controlled by an Eletroencephalography (EEG) technology, allowing the recording and monitoring of the brain’s electrical activity. As a result, the neural commands related to the ‘Attention’ level are translated into actual motions, offering a direct interface that enables users to interact with their environment.
Check out the Mighty Morphing Synapse in action below.