February 03, 2015

Tech Tuesday: Augmented Reality Ski Goggles

Are you ready to experience next-level skiing and snow boarding? If so, check out the world's first true augmented reality goggles made for the slopes by Tel Aviv-based startup company, RideOn. 
The goggles project AR layers and features in the users’ line of sight that appear as if they are floating a short way off in the distance. Users interact with these centered-projections in a completely hands-free way so as to avoid compromising visibility, comfort and/or general safety . 
Expected to retail at $899, the RideOn Goggles provides slope and navigation information, includes games and challenges, and also allows for entertaining social interactions between friends via call and/or messaging. On Indiegogo, they are available now for the early bird special of $499 with free shipping worldwide. Tune into the introductory video below.