January 11, 2015

Sustainable Sunday: You Got the Juse Now

Remember the days when parents reinforced an age limit to children owning a mobile phone? Nowadays as long as a kid can formulate a sentence, they're most likely good to go on a cellular. As more and more people gain access to cellphones, the financial and environmental cost for charging a mobile phone continues to magnify. This week's Sustainable Sunday presents Juse: the solar nano smartphone case that provides perpetual power to your mobile phone. 
Starting at an affordable $79, Juse collects solar energy, stores it in a nano battery and automatically charges your smartphone so that you never have to worry about your battery life or finding a location to juice up. The top layer of the case features Photo Voltaic Cells (PVC) which are at least twice as efficient as those used in other external mobile chargers. These cells are able to work in low light, absorbing power which is transferred to a nano battery. The battery is connected to a power management system, which perpetually powers your phone. The case has a sleek and barely-there design which fits the majority of smartphones.