December 26, 2014

Fantasy Friday: Nas- Stillmatic 2

The Stillmatic album by Nas is considered one of the best albums in hip-hop history; and although sometimes following up a classic with a sequel doesn't always work out, I would love to see this project happen.  Nas' last album Life is Good was a great body of work, and arguably another classic from the legend.  I feel Nas is in a great place musically right now, in that he is staying true to his sound and fans. What better time to drop a sequel to Stillmatic than now.  

Real music is back on the rise; J. Cole just went gold, Kendrick is dropping another project soon, it's only right that the "true king" comes back in full effect with something classic.  Hey, maybe he can even do some follow-ups to songs like Rewind and One Mic.  Hey, maybe I'm dreaming, and maybe even slightly delusional, but I think it would be great for hip-hop.