December 17, 2014

Wall-to-Wall Wednesday- Moodsnap: Image-Driven Music Streaming

Have you ever heard the quote, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, the new app Moodsnap brings new meaning to this quote by showing us that a picture is worth a thousand songs.  Moodsnap is an app for music lovers, those who like streaming music on the go, and for those who want to simply discover new music.  I have had the opportunity to explore this exciting new app, and have grown to love it.


The concept is simple, you choose what station you want to listen to by selecting an image.  Scrolling through the "moodstrip" allows you to choose an image that appeals to you or matches your mood.  From there you can listen to the station, like or favorite songs, and even contribute your own songs that you think match the vibe of the picture.  Moodsnap's newest update allows users to rise the ranks in a sense by how much love they receive (after all, we all take pride in our taste in music).

Moodsnap is formed around a genius idea and it was executed perfectly.  The app brings me back to the days when I used to burn my own mix-tapes for a long road trip, except now I won't have to worry about mixing up my CD's.  Maybe your at the gym, maybe your chilling with the love of your life, or maybe your throwingback some shots before a night out, either way Moodsnap has a playlist for whatever situation you may find yourself in.


Download Moodsnap below and make sure to check out the two Superego Stations!