December 02, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Artemis Smart Jewelry

Do you remember the 2006 Thriller, Lucky Number Slevin, starring Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman? If you do so vividly, then perhaps you recall the Rabbi's son and his safety necklace that could be used to trigger his security guards in emergency situations by simply pressing the button. Well, Sense6 Design has fused safety technology with elegant design, introducing a similar wearable technology: Artemis Smart Jewelry. 
Artemis, primarily designed for women, discretely hides inside its corresponding necklace and communicates via smartphone. It can be accessed in times of emergency by tapping the device 3 times, which will in turn send an emergency signal to a 24/7 private security agency that has instance access to police, fire and medical services. Tune into the commercial advertisement below. Now you can be safe and fashionable at the SAME DAMN TIME!