November 10, 2014

Motivational Monday: Theophilus London's "Vibes"

Theophilus London’s distinct art lies at this intersection of music and fashion and I can’t say which he does better. His sophomore album "Vibes" reflects both of these worlds, featuring art direction by Karl Lagerfeld and executive production by Kanye West. It was recorded in the desert heat in Palm Springs, and celebrated in his hometown of Brooklyn. The album flirts with '80’s vintage beats and new wave sounds, mixed with undeniable hip-hop roots. London’s music is lush, it's chill, it’s unique and it’s inspired, much like the lifestyle that surrounds it. I know it’s only Monday, but we all have plenty of weekend vibes to let linger into the week ahead. If you need some help, stream the new album in full below and feel the good vibes.