November 08, 2014

Superior Ink x Tall T

Superior Ink x Tall T from Tall T Productions on Vimeo.


Check out this Vimeo featuring the blossoming brand and screen-printing company, Superior Ink x Tall T. Here are some words from Tall T Productions:

"Ever since we screen-printed our first shirts in 2007, we've had our fair share of naysayers. People like to tell us that big clothing is a passing fad... that T-shirt companies are a dime a dozen... that Tall T needs a different name. But for every admonisher, there are ten who like our gear and encourage us to keep doing our thing. In the end, we owe our success to the good people around us and the style they inspire-- our friends are the lifeblood of our brand."

Superego say's "Keep doing your thing and being cut from a different cloth."