November 01, 2014

Superego Saturday: Can You Graph it? (Beards)

Well everyone, it is officially No Shave November.  For all my fellow owners of beards and beard-lovers alike, this installment of Can You Graph it? is dedicated to you.  Let me start by saying that there is no correct way to rock a beard; further, there is no perfect beard.  Every beard is different, and different beards suit different people better than others.  Check out the graph we made.

A few points can be made from this graph.

1. Paul Pierce's beard is looking real skimpy.

2. If you have a short, kempt beard you may be a metrosexual, an actor, or Drake.

3. Long, Unkempt beards may be the most epic.  They are mainly held by warriors, terrorists, Santa Clause, and people that genuinely don't care about what people think.  


Whatever type of beard you have, own it; make it yours.  Some people can't grow beards, and thats fine; but if God blessed you with the ability to have facial hair do it big. Happy No-Shave November.