November 04, 2014

Penumbra Tables: Beer Pong Goes High-Tech

Attention College Fraternities, Bars & Venues: Beer Pong goes high-tech with the interactive Penumbra Tables, equipped with LED lights and the ability to make balls hover. 
For the Penumbra Tables cup sensors, a microprocessor takes readings hundreds of times per second and then lights up around the cups that are on the table. The sensors also make the lights illuminate to show all possible re-racks throughout the game.
Penumbra Tables are available in aluminum and wooden models, starting at $2,250. Some are Wifi-enabled and  can send the real-time score of a beer pong game to central servers, and keep score on a worldwide leaderboard. The tables with Wifi also send notifications to wandering players to return to a table when it’s their turn.