October 24, 2014

Air Jordan XI Low Snakeskin Retro

All my real fans of Jordans HAVE to remember when the original Snakeskin XI's dropped.  The crisp whiteness of the sneaker, with the deep blueish/green color of the snakeskin did something for the eyes; it was crack.  I didn't own a pair (for many reasons that I won't get into), but everytime I saw someone with them my heart skipped a beat. Now a days, Jordans don't have the same effect (for many reasons that I won't get into), either way this is a pair that I would LOVE to see get retro'd. The snakeskin adds a luxurious feel to an already classic pair of Jordans. 

Some of you younger heads are probably reading this like, "but wait" they just retro'd the snakeskins! Nah son! Those are some new snakeskin 11's which are nothing like the originals (see figure 1 below).  My fantasy is to have those originals re-released. Lets make it happen Jordan brand!

Figure 1.


Completely New Versions...