October 08, 2014

Is Trap the Future of Rap? (The Ultimate Trap Compilation)

From the Western most part of the West, to the Eastern most part of the East, it seems as if trap music has taken over the country. I use the term "trap" loosely to represent the genre of hip-hop that involves heavy 808's and drug/gun talk.  The genre, first popularized by Young Jeezy, T.I., Gucci Mane, and others from the south, has spread to a much larger scale.  Trap has slowly crept into the house of hip-hop and has kicked off its shoes and got comfortable. Most likely, your favorite artist has had some trap influence on their latest release.  But wait, I'm not here to bash trap music or ratchet music, I'm here to embrace it.  I think trap has grown so much and has become so diverse that it deserves its own genre.

Since the summer of 2014, I already have at least 5 new favorite songs that are trap influenced.  Do I like real rap, metaphors, conscious bars, and lyricism? Of course. But I also love these joints...  

You think I'm ratchet for loving these songs? U GUESSED IT!