October 06, 2014

Motivational Monday: Sylvan Esso - Coffee


It usually happens when driving.


I turn the volume up a notch

Then another notch

And another because that notch made it sound so good.


That song so addicting, transmitting those feel good feels so strongly you want to dive into it... 

Engulf in it.


So you sink into the notches and let the song take tune. In a moment between reality and supernatural bliss you’re awoken by a red light and two women in your peripherals staring back smiling.

Caught in the moment but not letting it shake the moment, you smile back, switch into gear and drive away. 


Precisely what happened yesterday while listening to this song. Precisely how I feel every time I listen to this song. Caught in the tinkering fuzzy-cool feels of Sylvan Esso's Coffee, waiting for a moment  to get caught here over again.


Go ahead and let yourself. Get caught up, because it's only Monday -- just remember to smile back when you get caught. 



Jaclyn Norton