August 18, 2014

Robin Williams' Final Message of Hope

Just a week ago, August 11th, prominent American actor and comedian, Robin McLaurin Williams, crossed the great divide; leaving family, friends and fans behind to, both, mourn and rejoice in honor of his death. Just before he passed, Robin sent this heartwarming video to terminal cancer patient, Vivian Waller. Vivian was pronounced with lung, bowel and liver cancer back in January and is currently being nursed in an Auckland, New Zealand hospice. 

When she was diagnosed, Vivian created a bucket list of goals that she aspired to accomplish; one of which was meeting Robin Williams. According to the New Zealand weekend paper, Waller was too ill to travel to the United States to fulfill that aspiration, hence one of her friends contacted Mr. Williams and revealed Vivian's wish. Robin's video response was heartfelt and inspiring; most definitely cut from a different cloth. May Vivian Waller live an extended and fulfilling life, and may Robin Williams rest in peace.