August 08, 2014

Fantasy Song Friday: T-Pain ft. Ty Dolla $ign- The Writing on the Wall

A few months ago, we called Ty Dolla $ign, The New T-Pain.  Since then, he has been flooding the game with banger after banger.  It started with Paranoid and then a wave of other hits and features.  T-Pain doesn't seem to be threatened at all by Ty's popularity; in fact the two were recently spotted together.  

This weeks FSF has the two pitch-corrected artists on the same track spilling their hearts out.  We all know both of them have a great ear for melodies as well as clever lyrics, but on Writing on the Wall we see a softer side that doesn't involve strippers, bands, threesomes, and drugs. The two tell us about their journey to the top and how they got there amidst struggle, pain, and hardship.  Sure we love their radio hits about hoes and money, but this is a side that we would love to see and I'm sure it would be executed in perfect pitch.