August 01, 2014

The Mysterious Laissez Capono: Conduit Passages

“The greatest act is that which employs the facade to establish the reality.” This quote was scribed in the subject line of the email received this evening by Superego Clothiers from pseudo-anonymous Laissez Capono. The context of the email is as followed:

Dear Superego Clothiers,

Let us, for a moment, commemorate the founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. It was he who introduced superego as the third and final component of personality to be developed. The late Freud highlighted this fundamental element as the aspect of personality that incorporates the moral norms and values relative to the society that we live in. Essentially, the superego strives to perfect and civilize our behavior. Although my perception will always influence my application, I am confident in that it is not by coincidence that Superego Clothiers is at the commencement of fulfilling the very same objective (perfect and civilize human behavior) via its advocacy of sustainability. It may even be executed on a much larger scale considering the integration of society, environment and economy.

Superego Clothiers does not merely seem like a brand that promotes sustainable fabrics, but also a platform that adheres to the sustainability of life in all aspects. Over the generations, music has proliferated, now prevalent throughout the world as an essential part of life. My passion is to stimulate self-mastery while simultaneously preserving the literature and lyricism throughout rap, hip-hop and r&b culture via an array of passages I have prepared. I am interested in having Superego promote and showcase this original content known as, “The Conduit Passages.” I pledge to randomly submit at least one excerpt every month for a year which will in turn, progressively disclose my identity to the audience, provide a mechanism for the audience to identify with themselves, as well as highlight sustainable principles and implement sustainable practices in the lives of the audience. Should you wish to provide me with such an opportunity, please proceed to copy and paste this email as a blog post by midnight tonight and brace yourself for the forthcoming of, “The Conduit Passages.”

Cut From A Different Cloth,

Laissez Capono

P.S. I lied there gazing at the threshold, then I...arose to cross. 

The email concludes, instilling a sensation of awe. As much as I yearn to reflect, it may hinder me from meeting the deadline to post, which may in turn deprive us of witnessing such an innovative approach to providing insight and inspiration to individuals. I look forward to the first submission by this mysterious Laissez Capono; as should you.