July 25, 2014

Fantasy Song Friday: Chance the Rapper ft. Earl Sweatshirt- Black is The New Black

The two young rappers with the unorthodox flows get together for a much needed collab.  If rap was sectioned off into different categories, Chance the Rapper and Earl Sweatshirt would be put in the weirdo rapper category (weird rap names aside).  Although both of them have amazing talent on the mic, they are sometimes overlooked because they don't always fit the typical rapper mold.  Black is The New Black is a title that plays off the popular Netflix series Orange is The New Black; however this song is deeper than that.  The two lyrical geniuses spit verses about black empowerment in relation to music mixed in with some clever/comedic lines about their roles in advancing hip-hop.  Forget a song, I would like to see a whole album from these two.  Although they have yet to release anything, they have been spotted together, so we hope that this Fantasy Song Friday becomes not so fantasy in the near future.

For now, Check out two of my favorites from the two MC's